Loyalty Is Everything…



Is it just me or did the weekend just fly by?

As always, I made the mistake of going shopping with my sisters and spent money that I really didn’t need to, but I had fun at least.

Today is National Loyalty Day. I know if I’m alone in this or not but when I read a quote pertaining to whatever it is that I’m over thinking about, it really hits me, I’ll make a decision based on that feeling. It may seem silly but that’s me, I guess.

Sadly, throughout high school and college, I found myself questioning the loyalty of friends and friends that were like family, however I did learn something.

Extramadness.com definitely captured it in this quote:

” Loyalty is not grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal completely, or not loyal at all. And people have to understand this. You can’t be loyal only when it serves you.”

To me, this is saying that loyalty goes both ways and you have to mean it. You can’t just be loyal when you want or need something from someone, it has to be completely, unselfishly, genuine, otherwise you don’t deserve it yourself.

Anyways, now that that rant has happened, I’ll wish you a happy Monday and I’ll talk to you soon!


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